Zylux is owned by PuffyMuffins.

Zylux is a female anthropomorphic Snow Leopard with Deer antlers. She stands 6' 1" tall. Her right antler is 1' 2" while her left antler is 7". Her fur colors are Light Blue, Sky Blue, Snow, Midnight Blue, Snow Blue, Ice Blue. Despite her being a mammal, she lays eggs.

Her main color is Sky Blue. Around her ears and the side of her face are sharp lines of Light Blue and Ice Blue. The top of her ears is Midnight Blue. Her chest and lower belly are the color Snow. Around that are spots of Snow Blue. On her kneecaps and thighs, there are spots of Midnight Blue. Her fur color changes right before her feet to Midnight Blue. This is the same with her hands. On her arms there are also spots of Snow Blue. On her back side there is a Snowflake made of the colors Snow, Snow Blue, and Ice Blue. Her main tail color is Sky Blue, with stripes of Ice Blue and Snow before it being Midnight Blue and the end.

Zylux is an introverted being. She doesn't tend to like being near other people. She won't open herself up to you unless you open yourself up to her. If you manage to befriend her, she becomes an energetic and playful being around you. Zylux loves playing around and having fun when she can. She tends to twitch and move in her sleep though. Zylux is a loving and will care for things like their mother.

Zylux has a mother and a father, but they are no where to be found. She was hatched from an egg alone. Zylux quickly learned how to fend for herself in the dangerous world and survived enough to grow up. She still wishes she knew what happened to her parents and where they are now.