Uroboros Milton

F*cktardian scientific name:

Dalakohs plagas


Modifier/Red velvet cake



Chemical power:




Cause of modification:

Consumption (consuming)


Unidentified (probably Polly)

Uroboros Milton, or its F*cktardian scientific name, Dalakohs plagas, is a type a Milton bar, that takes the shape of a red velvet cake. It is sometimes topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, but it can be also topped with red sprinkles and strawberry frosting. This strange cake contains viral agents as well, and it can give its consumer many fatal symptoms.


Newspaper Description

from the Turducken Times - Issue #6, 10/25/64

The strange cake in Polly's Pies, also known as Dalakohs plagas, has been invading the unlikely kids and parents within Turducken, Suburbia, the Solak Region, and last but not least the Ezic Kingdom. Professional prankster Polly, has accidentally opened a pie shop yesterday and got held down by a intelligent gang this morning. When the gang called patrol, Polly stated that "it was a mistake," suddenly he was thrown out into prison. Whilist past his death row, which he had sentenced to death for a genocidal reason, he managed to make a red velvet cake which had the ability to make him stronger. Polly had an inmate with him, and that person is unidentifiable. After 12 hours, he then tested the cake out, and slowly started to mutate, whilist his inmate was holding him out, but accidentally mutated both of them. Guards were attempting to take out the mutant until one hour it got shot down by a hooded figure.


This modifier is a complex disguise of a cake. It actually looks, and tastes, like it. You might wanna know this: because IF a person has consumed it, they will suffer severe and fatal consenquences. This is because of its chemicals and compounds of each.


  • Mutation
  • Overdose of radiation
  • Body evaporation
  • Loss of pigment
  • Dimentia
  • Severe muscle pain
  • Mental thought issues
  • Loss of control
  • Death (if neither paired with another)


  • Determination
  • Nitrobenzene
  • Fish-shaped ethyl benzene
  • Overdose of calcium
  • Uroboros virus (rare)
  • G-virus (rare)
  • Penetration-preserved agents
  • Neurotoxin
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Ricin (rare)
  • Cyanide (rare)




  • Another item to have a major participation in storyline, it is the first type of food to have it.