The Haunting Vyruzz
Background information
First Appearance "PvZ : Vyruzz - Being Played (S1EP15)"
Latest Appearance "Unknown"
Voice PuffyMuffins
Character information
Full name Glitchold B. Vyruzz
Other names The Haunting Vyruzz
Age 28
Occupation Infecting, Haunting, and Corrupting others before Killing them.
Home Binary Bay
Relatives Brother of The Glitcher
Allies The Glitcher
Minions Vyrites
Enemies All Plants and Good Zombies
Likes Viruses
Dislikes Meddling Plants & Zombies
Powers and abilities Can infect characters with a deadly virus that will take over and corrupt the hosts body. This will then cause them to go on a rampage and those who were once their friends, are quickly their enemies. The virus can also OneHit - K.O. enemies at random. Can possess enemies and leave a Haunting Effect.
Quote "And when you all forgot about me, I'm come in great timing..."
Birthday January 10, 01101101

The Haunting Vyruzz is a extremely strong character that appears in PvZ : Vyruzz, the sequel to PvZ : Glitched. He appears in the 15th Episode of Season 1 in PvZ : Vyruzz, "Being Played." In this episode, when he appears as a surprise, he beings to use his evil powers to fuel himself, The Glitcher, and Teedle the Timekeeper. As time starts breaking he attempts to take out as many of the team members as possible but it doesn't work due to the teams quick thinking. The Haunting Vyruzz ends up escaping through a portal before the team falls down with the tower. The Haunting Vyruzz's portal transports him to a piece of land far away from where the team crashed. This buys him enough time to set up his next big scheme.