The Female Vyruzz
Background information
First Appearance "PvZ : Vyruzz - ? (S2)"
Latest Appearance "Unknown"
Voice PuffyMuffins
Character information
Full name Azusa Glitchhold
Other names The Female Vyruzz
Age 19
Occupation Charming others before attempting to kill them.
Home Binary Bay
Relatives Sister of The Glitcher
Allies The Glitcher
Minions Vyrites
Enemies All Plants and Good Zombies
Likes Viruses
Dislikes Meddling Plants & Zombies
Powers and abilities Can infect characters with a deadly virus that will take over and corrupt the hosts body. This will then cause them to go on a rampage and those who were once their friends, are quickly their enemies. The virus can also OneHit - K.O. enemies at random. Can possess enemies and leave a Haunting Effect.
Quote "Uh.. why are you all looking at me with those, loving eyes..?"
Birthday January 10, 01101101

The Female Vyruzz is a strange form of The Vyruzz. During a currently unnamed episode of PvZ : Vyruzz, The Haunting Vyruzz fears that his current form will soon expire, ceasing his existence. For him to survive, he must result to a dangerous form, The Female Vyruzz. When transformed into The Female Vyruzz, The Vyruzz becomes weaker, more shy, and less have less of a want to kill and rule over the universe. Though her powers are present, her personality prevents her from using them for harm. She is commonly creeped out by the loving gazes that those who look upon her give her.