The Vyrite Desert Dungeon is a dungeon featured in Season 2 of PvZ : Vyruzz.


In the show, the team approaches a pyramid that blocks the road ahead. To get to the shoreline, they must pass through the dungeon. The dungeon ends up taking more time than expected, which proves quite worrysome for the team. But through various traps, puzzles, vyrites, and an intense battle, the team stays determined and perserveres through the dungeon and to the shoreline where they meet an interesting character.


The Vyrite Desert Dungeon is full of traps puzzles aranged in various rooms. Many rooms require various things aquired in previous rooms, which can lead to the occasional back-tracking. There are various traps that can turn the victim of them into Vyrites. Occasionally, there might be a sandstorm similar to the ones seen in the desert. Trapdoors are also seen around the dungeon which can prove very annoying. Just with a lot of determination and perserverence you can make it out in one piece.


  • 50 Rooms
  • 5 Floors
  • Bottom to Top
  • 100+ Traps
  • 10+ Puzzles