Team Cosmo is a group of troublemakers seen in PvZ : Vyruzz.


Team Cosmo first mentioned in Season 1, but debuted in Season 2 of the show, where the team notices a strange plant with a costume, emphasizing a big capital C. When asked, the strange plant reveals himself to be a Team Cosmo Grunt. From there, Team Cosmo is seen often.

Team Members

  • Team Cosmo Mastermind - Nebuletsis
  • Team Cosmo Leader - Kosmor
  • Team Cosmo Co-Leader - Neptune
  • Team Cosmo Admins - Constellar, Luna, Solvia, Starmy, Miwa
  • Team Cosmo Grunts - 100+
  • Team Cosmo Minions (Commanded by Admins)

Team Goal

Team Cosmo has one main goal. That goal is World Domination. They believe that the world is not going to get any better, so they want to work towards a new world order. Team Cosmo achieves this by doing evil acts to gain control.