Solak Supercomputer
Solak supercomputer
The Solak Supercomputer




Set up The Solak Turrets with a push of a button


Close up the gates around The Solak region

Main Users:

Peancie, Bobbler, Dr. Doofus

Normal users:

Billy-bot, ROlly-bot, Stacy

Commonly found in:

Solak control room

About it:

The Solak Supercomputer is a big computer that acts like the life source of the cameras, Solak Turrets and openable gates. It is only found in the Solak Control room, which is VERY difficult to get into due to the many upon MANY traps there. Not to mention that the Pasword to get into the starup screen is impossible to guess do to only Peancie knows the pasword, no one else knows the pasword.


Watch the security cameras:

This option is for watching the cameras that are around the Region.

See member stats:

This is for checking on Solak team member's health, strengh and if he/she has any sickness

Activate alarm:

This is for when there is an emergency (Example: a Corruption outbreak, health emergency, war, ect)


This is for talking to other D.O.C.D.F sites (Nheoh Region, Avonu Region, OtanK region etc)

Developer console:

This is for typing in codes and bug fixes into the Solak Supercomputer

Shut down:

This is to put the Solak Supercomputer into sleep mode.


  • The Solak Supercomputer is the main source of D.O.C.D.F's machines to work.
    • Strangely, machines made by Dr.Doofus are not affected by this.
  • Sometimes in an RP, Peancie is seen typing codes into a tablet that is connected to the Supercomputer.
  • Solak Supercomputer is the only thing in the Solak Region that does NOT begin with "The".
  • User:Stacy is waiting to chat in the pic.
    • User:Stacy is actually Stacy (the character) and the joke of linked profiles having "User:" before the profile name.
  • Unlike Billy-bot and Rolly-bot, The Solak Supercomputer can't be hacked for evil