Raritanium is a rare source that grows on metal, and is stronger than Fusionionite Crystals, BLCSD uses these as his base is the source for about 98% of all Raritanium.




 Now the uses are serious, there a tone of it

  • Money: Being the rarest on Flusion, it can be sold for about $500,000,000,000,000,000 dollars. How expensive! 
  • Power Generators: If packed together, Raritanium can be used to make these generators, enough to power an entire planet (AKA Flusion & Jasindu <-- (pending page)) for a CENTURY!
  • Armor & Mechs: Being a rare substance, it is VERY Durable. Whoever makes a full armor or mech of these, are almost invincible, as it reduces 90% of all damage!
  • Robots and creations: Since it is very durable, the possesser, if have enough Raritanium, can make robots and other stuff! Just make sure it doesn't go rouge.
  • Trophy: Unless you mined it, it makes other people run away in fear, they know what you did, you survived the gauntlet of BLCSD's base, they need to give you... R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

There aren't really more uses, but here are the ways on how to get it...

How to Obtain Raritanium

There are 2 ways to obtain Raritanium...

  • 1: Mine and mine, its pure luck if you find raritanium, since its only 2% of it on Flusion, but there is another way...
  • 2: BLCSD's Space Base: Face it, it's impossible, its Suicide to try and take some Raritanium there, you climb the base, Instant-Kill decimation turrets strike you down, Try and fend off the inside, its too dangerous! Only the strongest and bravest who dare may try and get it, but either way, it's HELL!


It was inspired by Ratchet and Clank's secondary currency, Raritanium, it could be used to upgrade weapons, and in Tools of Destruction, if you had 2,000,000 of it, buy the Golden Groovitron (gives it infinite ammo).