These are the rules for the Plants vs. Zombies Roleplay Wiki. If you fail to follow the rules, punishments and warnings may follow.

Warnings have no immediate effect. Each warning will last until the specified date. If you get 2 more warnings within the time span of the first warning, you will be banned.

Bans are temporary. They last for a while but you will be able to come back to the wiki on the specified date.

Blocks are forever. If you get blocked you are not coming back to the wiki unless it is decided you can be let free.

Rule Definition Seriousness
No Bullying Do not habitually harass another user to them personally or behind their back. High
No Sockpuppeting Do not make accounts to visit this wiki while banned or blocked. This will increase the ban and make the chances of being unblocked less likely. High
No Revealing Personal Information Do not reveal ones personal information unless they allow you to. Very High

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