Noice m8
oogh, If I only had my Peancienite, I will SOO give you nightmares for YEARS!



Good or Evil?:



Diamonds, other plants, cupcakes, etc.


Zombies, Boot-legs, plants that don't like each other, etc.


Diamonds, her necklace stolen, Tickles


DSP (Diamond Pea or Diamond-Shooting Pea

About her:

Peancie is a plant that will shoot diamond infused peas, Peancie is best well known for its beautiful pink look and her purple pupiled eyes, she is the Peashooter every Plant is amazed for, she is also the commander of the D.O.C.D.F (Diamond Ore Country Defence Force).


  1. ...Well hello there, what's the problem??... (meeting a new plant)
  2. ...oh no, zombies, this is bad... (at a start of a wave)
  3. ... DOMINATED, you Wall-Nut eating doofus ... (destroying atleast 5 zombies in a row)
  4. ... uu-uugh, I need a d-doctor -moaning- (when it has been bitten 3 times)


Although she looks innocent, she is the one plant that gives Zombies nightmares for months. She can shoot diamond-fused peas at her enemies, they do big damage and some times freeze the enemy's feet if shot enough times. you might be thinking, "what about the Plant Food ability?"

Well, think of it as Repeater's ability, MIXED WITH HER LEG FREEZING, let that sink in a little.


  • Peancie, along with Killer-etta, Rolly-bot and Cat-flower, are the only females owned by Chillpeashooter.
  • her name is a portmanteau for "Pea" and "Diancie".
  • Peancie is a reference to Diancie, as she looks like her, but in Peashooter form.
  • Peancie and Killer-etta are, so far, the only Characters that are based of Pokemon.