Mt. Starstorm is a mountian first mentioned in Season 2 of PvZ : Vyruzz.


At the end of Season 2, the team finds out that Team Cosmo is heading to Mt. Starstorm for their next operation. The team begins to head in that direction to stop their evil plans.

In Season 3, they have problems getting to the Summit of the mountain, but after a long time they reach the top. Then there is a raging between the team and Team Cosmo. Sadly, the team doesn't get to take back the relic and Team Cosmo retreats as their work there is done.


A very steep and rigid mountain that towers over a giant region of the planet. Many rocks fall down the mountain, some of which can take you with them. Watch your step as you might be taking a slip and slide to the bottom of the mountain. Many Team Cosmo Grunts are around the mountain to prevent those like yourselves from reaching the summit and ruining their plans.


  • 20+ Team Cosmo Grunts
  • 2 Team Cosmo Admins
  • 1 Team Cosmo Leader
  • 50+ Fragile Rocks
  • 10+ Avalanches