(Hey, Imposto-nut was created by UrbanPie)

(Note: This is my first PVZ OC so aspect this to be bad and this is also a W.I.P. please do not take the W.I.P. as the final thing.)

Imposto-nut is a want-to-be wall-nut, because of this, Imposto-nuts are much weaker than Wall-nuts (Having only 60 bites), however they can be planted much faster. Imposto-nuts costs 50 sun to plant.


Imposto-nut is a fat, Sunflower. Their root up to their head is a fat brown steam. Their face covers most of their body, since their face is so fat, they use that for their defence. Their face seems to have some leftover, brown, apples.

They also want to be a wall nut to because of that, they decided to paint their yellow leaves brown like a wall-nut's skin.


Imposto-nut is seen as a lazy person, hence why they're fat, they are even too lazy so even wipe their left over food off their face. Their laziness is also proved since of the fact that Imposto-nuts don't produce sun but instead they protect other plants.