GreenAura zombie is a character owned by The M.E.O.W. King, and his first zombie.

He is a zombie with his head stuck in a GreenAura block, thus giving him aura-based powers, much like the Cattail Empress, although he is much weaker.

He occupies the 5th living area of the blimp.

Powers and abilities

He has the same powers as a regular zombie : walking.

His real powers are Aura-based.

The GreenAura Zombie can headbutt enemies, dealing normal damage and burning evil foes.

He can also concentrate and shoot a laser from his eyes, and they deal normal-high damage.

His Aura block protects him from atmospheric hazards such as toxic atmosphere.

Like the Cattail Empress, he can shoot an explosive aura bomb that have a short range but high damage.

His deadly weakness is PurpleAura, because if one tiny shard of it touchs the GreenAura block, he will explode and be K.Oed in the process.

Likes and dislikes

This zombie likes Aura Crystals, stealing stuff and running around in circle.

His favorite color is green, and his favorite food is Aura pie.

Likes :

  • Stealing
  • Raiding
  • Heisting
  • Aura Pie
  • The color green
  • Aura Crystals
  • Cattails
  • Most zombies
  • Cold

Dislikes :

  • Most plants
  • PurpleAura
  • Stuff harder than his block
  • Heat