is a character owned by Professor Tiyak
Basic Information The bias of his very own company... or clan, Cooch has hidden his secrets beside his likely face of his... Yes really, because he's already had been diagnosed with ASPD. Though he doesn't unleash his ASPD, unless he's surrounded by a thing that offends his property. And by the way, he's also sarcastic. You also have to treat him nicely, ta ta!
Likes Sarcasm, Cake, Interacting with himself
Dislikes Things that "offend his property"
Gender Transgender (male pronouns)
Race Kaka/Seishin hybrid
Health 3k
Damage 700
Defense Medium
Main Attack Claws (25% Chance of Bleed)
Secondary Attack Afflict (99% Chance of Curse)
Other Information
Home Unidentified
Faction Unidentified
Nicknames Cooch, Mr. C
Highschool N/A
☆ No originality. ☆
— CoochRed (motto)
, known for an aliases as Cooch, is a unidentified hybrid or such.


Known for such things as he builds a clan for himself, Cooch simply has numerous "teammates," some of them, which are recruited by him, and the rest are built/born by hand.

  • Billyhatcherfan
  • Thallus
  • Hymen
  • Kapachu
  • Kokonoe
  • Sheckle
  • Peke
  • Pa'ahana
  • Kagamine
  • Nagaharu
  • ???


For known reason, Cooch has no enemies. It actually meant that he hasn't found an enemy since, but he's got a sh*t-ton of nemeses, but he isn't going to share all of them with you. Really.


Cooch apparently seems enjoyful of himself, and apparently thinks every cake is a lie. Though they seem like a delicious snack, he must avoid the Uroboros Milton cake, since it could be unexpectedly hazardous to other people. And yes, I know, he eventually is sarcastic, and even talks to himself also.


Whenever someone offends his property, I mean a lot worse could happen to him. He already has ASPD (Anti-Social Personality Disorder), and here are a list of things that can offend him in many ways, and please don't tell these such things close to him or about him. ...He might give you a bad time.

  • Unlucky Number: 11
  • Worst Moment: Avatar Contest Disqualification...?

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  • Cooch is the only NPvZ which can get offended easily.
  • He was planned to be the tritagonist in Red Vortex: The Gyrosphere, sadly the RV series has been cancelled after the abandon went off in the old wiki.
  • Cooch can be intelligent enough, to eventually certify location.
  • He is also the only NPvZ which is similar to the appearance of Taokaka, from BlazBlue.
  • Beyond it, it's impossible to compare similarity to PT's Xbox GT and Cooch himself, though they only have one difference: their personalities.