is a character owned by Professor Tiyak
Basic Information As the long-lost brother of Huntley, but not even a peashooter at all like him, Bluntley was an adopted American. Yes, I said it right. ADOPTED. He was also frozen in a cryogenic for approximately 41 years as an infant.
Likes His tiny flag
Dislikes Profitial racism/harassment
Gender Male
Race Genetic Human
Health 760 HP
Damage 50
Defense A little bit High
Main Attack Heavy Pulse Rifle
Secondary Attack Tactical Visor
Other Information
Home Pond of Imagination, Cat Kingdom (adopted times)

Watta, Turducken (current)

Faction N/A
Nicknames Bluntley Mako, Adopted
Highschool Unidentified
...Sh*t, I forgot.
— Bluntley
, or just simply Bluntley Mako, was an adopted American, ever since just hundreds of years ago. He is known to be the oldest human in Flusion, living about 127 years old when he was born in 1999.


Bluntley is self-caring and loyal, although he had assistance with his only friends.


His long-lost brother. When he was a kid, he used to protect Huntley from strangers. After they were seperated in 2065, there was no path to stick with him again. Sadly, Huntley died of root lymphoma in 2074.


Though he noticed her a little bit since he was an toddler, along with Huntley, Basil was the private guardian of both of them. She would most commonly hang out in the unexpected pond next to a cave where the Banana Hybrid lives, sensationally not Bluntley and Huntley's father; because it's a creature. She rarely protects them and lets them stay inside the Hybrid's cave. Until that, Huntley seperated from Bluntley in order to be with his second friend, Stratum, and to spend his last days, tragically missing his now long-lost brother Bluntley so much since he had root lymphoma.


Nethertheless Bluntley hasn't known him that much, Stratum was seen, attempting to get Huntley a better shelter. This resulted in the seperation from both him and Huntley.


As in it, and like Cooch, Bluntley hasn't seen an enemy yet right now.


Nethertheless, he wants to eventually cheer himself up with a flag he had.


Within it, anyone who harasses about his stereotypical appearance or his tragic story, should be ashamed of theirselves.




  • Bluntley is the first character who's based off another character from Overwatch.
  • He is also the first Non-PvZ with a typical relative.