Black Pearl
Basic Information Black Pearl, the fiery and powerful gem gifted in her numerous capabilities. She is always very proud of herself and has incessant energy behind her. Her height is capable of reaching up an estimated 1.75m. Her gemstone is, of course, a black pearl.
Likes Hot weather, snakes, sweet/hot foods and hot weather.
Dislikes Being lazy when in an energetic mood.
Gender Female
Race Plant and gem.
Health 3,900
Damage Very High
Defense Moderate.
Main Attack Fire Breath (1 Damage very rapidly with a 100% burn chance.
Secondary Attack Psychic - Telekinesis (0 Damage. Psychic manipulation. Much higher stamina usage.)
Other Information
Home TBA.
Faction None.
Nicknames None.
Highschool Cambridge

Black Pearl is owned by and as of now is the main OC of Hypno1337.


Health: 3,900

Speed: Mediocre

Evade: Mediocre

Damage: Very High

Defense: Moderate

Type: Unknown


Fiery and energetic tends to be what's used to describe Black Pearl. Prideful is another word that describes her; she thinks very highly of herself and her capabilities. She prefers to be outdoors a lot of the time and tries to care for the friends she's with.


  • A tin of assorted biscuits.



A simple yet effective attack. Most points of her body can unleash a cone of black fire that can be adjusted in its heat quite a lot.

On a more mundane level, this fire can be created on her person at will in completely controllable quantities.

Pepper Bombs

The round, black peppers under her leaves can be detached and fired as missiles that explode in a fiery blast capable of igniting a large radius with her signature black fire.

These peppers grow back very quickly.

Fire Beam

A somewhat inefficient but incredibly effective attack that lets out a beam of Black Pearl's black fire with temperatures far greater than the fire can normally achieve although creating a lot of heat within her at the same time.

Special : This resists 1/3rd of fire resistances.

Psychic - Telekinesis

At the cost of more stamina than her usual abilities take, Black Pearl can tap into psychic powers capable of lifting and pushing things around. Becoming a larger strain still with larger quantities or masses.

Fire Pulse

A combination of psychic and fire powers. This uses a fast, psychic-based projectile that on impact will create a wave around it that condenses in on the point of impact, pulling things towards it before the impact point gives a fiery blast.

Pepper Pulse

The simple hybrid between Pepper Bombs and Fire Pulse. Granting the missiles the ability of the Fire Pulse.

Fire Spray

A fast spray of fire projectiles capable of demolishing flammable structures, bombarding an opponent at close range or shooting down oncoming attacks.

Focused Mind

The psychic prowess of Black Pearl grants a resistance to abilities that affect the mind however such abilities can hinder her psychic powers.

Gem Abilities

These are the abilities granted by her gemstone.


The gemstone is capable of projecting a barrier all around herself as a form of defence.


A surge of power from the gemstone can be used to create a massive blast of her black fire.