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• 12/9/2016

Update 12/8/2016

Season's Greetings!

I'm not giving up on this place, and I know we've all pretty much moved on, but I'm adding things anyway:

Christmas Roleplay Event

Will happen if there are enough participants, but there will be a Christmas themed getogether on Chat soon. We will do multiple Roleplay Games (Murderer, Ruins, etc.) and maybe even PvZ Vyruzz and other main story roleplays.

New Wiki Style

This wiki has been styled up for the holidays, so enjoy the design! I wanted to rid of the Galaxy theme which was still there from a scrapped event (Save the Wiki II).

Holiday Deals

Enjoy a free Non-PvZ Gem, redeemable for a Non-PvZ Character (must be verified by me). Also the PvZRP Shop might get some updates for some new gear.


What's the holidays without presents? If I see you on chat I might just give you a day exclusive present that will open up into some sweet prizes!

Welp, 'tis the season to try and revive this wiki! Cya!

- Puffy (Deimos)

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