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• 10/15/2016

Plants vs. Zombies Roleplay News Website

This update is extremely important and something that I've thought of for a while. I have created a website for wiki announcements, updates, and more. But before I link the website I want to address my reasons for doing such:

It creates a more emersive experience on the Wiki.

My entire goal for this wiki is to make it more user friendly and enable users to have a simple and concice place for new information that reminds them of this place. See? The more you check for updates the more you'll think about this wiki. So to get activity back, making a spare website will hopefully attract some users back to the website for some cool shenanigans.

Because it's all in one place.

You can argue that it's also all in one place here, but I feel that the formatting is more user friendly and organized than a board thread as such here.

Why do you even care about saving this wiki?

2 years ago I joined Wikia due to a friend of mine on Facebook named "Buzzy Buzz." His videos about Far Future prior to it being released mentioned a lot of his information coming from two places: The Cutting Room Floor and the Plants vs. Zombies Wikia.

Imidiately when I joined under the name "PuffyShroom," there was a thread made by a user named WinterMelon43. It was a link to a wiki, the original Roleplay wiki. I joined instantly, making the first roleplay. Though now seen as an unorganized way of doing so, back then it was fun. The more I came there the more I started to meet amazing people. I happened to get promoted quite fast for my activity then. I didn't understand roleplay much, but this was a great moment for me.

Then things started going down hill. Funny enough, it all started with WinterMagnet banning Cyprind63 (Carp) for spamming Message Walls. That's really it. Nobody bullied him at this point, it was simply that. He got angry, said things he regretted, and pleaded for more chances.

Then, it was back to normal really. Until the Plants vs. Zombies vs. Beasts vs. Papers fiasco, but that was humerous and short lived. Besides all the situations with Carp, everything was fine and as it should be.

During 2 years of being on that wiki, I learned a lot and gained new and amazing friends. I saw one friends decent into madness that caused the creation of this wiki. At first, this wiki was lively as it was a recent event, but now it's slowed down.

In short, I want to protect this wiki, since it's symbolic of my memories and friendships I've made over the years. Chillpeashooter, Rx2MikeyWIKIA, Hypno1337, Meowelody (Wikia-Critic), Reapeageddon, CitronFire3, and more. All the fun times and jokes we had. Even just NUAA with Hypno WC and Rx2 was an amazing experience. I want to be able to relive these experiences.

Whether it was Discord chat that destroyed it, lack of activity or interest that destroyed it, school that destroyed it, or people moving on that destroyed it, I want to have this wiki back. Without you all, I'm practically shit for nothing and I'm then forced to talk with real life friends.

tl;dr Brief history of my experiences on this wiki and my sorrow of my memories and friendships now being a tombstone. Please come back <3

If we get enough people back then I have something special planned. I want a day where we can all be on chat again, like good ol' times C:

Btw here is the link to the site:

That's it for now. Hope to see you all soon!

- PuffyMuffins (Jackalope)


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• 10/16/2016
Nice to see we still have a reason to care about dis place
• 10/18/2016

dont worry,, I am here, I always am....

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