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• 10/2/2016

Update [10/2/16]

Hey everybody! Welcome back (hopefully) to the PvZRP wiki! I've been planning ideas behind the scenes to better improve this wiki and hopefully cease discord from swallowing our legacy. (sounds fishy to me)

Anyway, let's get roight into the noose.


Recently, GW2 has been seeing more and more gnomes. So, you are able to own Gnome OCs as they are now a part of the PvZ franchise. (rux recolors lol)

Mystery Portal Roleplay Events

Soon I will be holding the first Mystery Portal Roleplay Event. I will spin a wheel each event to decided what genre the roleplay will be. When picked, a Random RP will start. Every 10 minutes you participate in the event gains you a Rainbow Star. More on those later.

Rainbow Stars

Basically the currency for unlocking DLC, Extra Content, Access to CrayZ Places, and more. Can be used to open chests which might grant you a fine reward such as a name color, message tag, or just a gnome hat.

More to Come?

Yep, there is more to come. But that will be in a seperate post. I'll wait on that post until activity is back.

Anyway, bye!

- PuffyMuffins (Jackalackal)

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