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UrbanPie The Unpieing
• 7/29/2016

Update [7/29/16]

It has only been just over a month, and the wiki has already died. I.. have updates for this wiki.

- You can now transfer as many characters and pages as you want in a day. They must be verified with a Manager or me.

- You can advertise your roleplay in the Community Corner. Ask me for more information.

- Non PvZ characters are allowed, but they must go through careful review with me.

- Don't ask me about depression..

Anyway, thanks for reading this. I hope with combined efforts we can revive this wiki.

[Also PvZ : Vyruzz will go on a Second Season Marathon if there are enough people.]

Well, bye.

- PuffyMuffins (sorry)

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UrbanPie The Unpieing
• 7/31/2016

what did you expect, this is a pvzrp wiki where everyone isn't active 24/7 like npvzrp, of course it's going to go through it's dead phrases

• 8/4/2016

Well sadly this wiki was made in secret, meaning you have to find someone who has this wiki as a favourite wiki to find this.

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